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(Ten, nine, eight, seven,six, five, four, three, two, one)(Ah, ah, ah, ah)(Ah, ah, ah, ah) You set my lips on fire. You won the key to my heart. You've got a special way to move me. Don't stop now let's do it again. You keep me dancin' through the moonlight. I feel the pleasure in your touch. And everything you are is heaven. Oh, I can't get enough, no I can't get enough. (Instant replay)I've got to have it. (Instant replay)Ooh woh ooh-ooh. (Instant replay)Got to have your love again.(Ah, ah, ah, ah)...

♪Instant Replay/DAN HARTMAN♪注)言われなき中傷・不快なコメントを掲載した場合、
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